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Treasure Chest


The Cooks!


   Husband and wife duo David and Robin Cook are the owners of Captain Cook’s Treasure Chest. David was born and raised in Louisburg, KS. Before the dream of opening an antique store was realized, David worked for the family food manufacturing company for 15 years, alongside his mother, Donna, at Rabbit Creek Products. David grew up around antiques and entrepreneurism on both sides of his family tree. He respects the history of antiques and the stories they have to tell, and has a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship of antique and vintage items that is hard to come by with contemporary pieces. Along with his love for exploration and sea life, the name Captain Cook’s Treasure Chest came about from a nickname of David’s, who was often called “Captain” by friends around town.

   Robin was born and raised in Peoria, IL and spent 10 years living and working in Kansas City, MO as a florist and circus performer, before finding the love of her life, getting married and moving to the country. Her childhood was filled with outings to antique shops with her father, Ray, and has always enjoyed the hunt for antique practical items and unique handmade and local artisan goods. After getting her degree in photography and her 5 year stint with performing under the big top, ALL the arts have been an important part of Robin’s life and she can’t wait to curate and support local arts and crafts for purchase at the antique store alongside the vendors providing antiques, vintage and collectibles.

   David and Robin welcomed their first child in May, Baby James! No doubt you will get to meet him at the antique store accompanying Mom and Dad as they answer your questions about the products they carry and welcome you at the front desk. They can not wait to meet you when you come to hunt for treasure in the shop.

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