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Welcome to Captain Cook's Treasure Chest!

We are a family owned antique store located in
Louisburg, Kansas - established 2020!

We welcome you to explore our 5,000 square feet of booth spaces that will host up to 50 vendors from around the Kansas City metro area. Captain Cook's offers a variety of antique and vintage pieces, as well as an assortment of local art and handcrafted goods.


A newly renovated area in the shop is home to Capt. Cook's Flea Market and the Little Shop on the Prairie's: Toys and More Store.

We encourage you to Buy Vintage, Save the Planet! While we are Crazy for Booty, we know Not All Treasure are Silver and Gold! We truly have something for everybody and every budget.


Thank you for shopping local and shopping family owned!


 News & Events at Captain Cook's  

Junk on the Prairie

March 31 & April 1, 2023

Travel a curated vintage and antique shopping path through Linn County, KS. Below is the list of treasure stops on this scenic trail through the countryside.

🌾 Captain Cook's Treasure Chest

903 N. Broadway - Louisburg, KS


🌾 This & That

604 Main Street - Pleasanton, KS


🌾 Marilyn Michels

100 W. Park Street - Pleasanton, KS


🌾 Cindi Bodine

17577 E 950 Road - Mound City, KS


🌾 Three Chicks and a Pony/Will Gardner Antiques

6011 Paine Road - Mound City, KS


🌾 A Creative Twist ACT2

201 Dement St. - Mound City, KS


🌾 Tim and Garrett Baile

318 Main St - Mound City, KS


🌾 Three Chicks and a Pony

318 Main Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 Rescued Rubbish

427 E. Main Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 F&F Cattle Co.

507 Main Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 Blue Dog Wine Co.

509 E. Main St. - Mound City, KS


🌾 Stone Tree Coffee and Pottery

517 Main Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 517 Vintage

517 Main Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 Keitha Brown

727 Locust Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 Maudie's Liquor

823 Walnut Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 The Ranchy Roan and Buffalo Betty's Boutique

6609 Montgomery Road - Mound City, KS


🌾 Elk Creek Outpost

2563 KS. Highway 7 - Prescott, KS


🌾 Way Out Here

15808 E. 200 Road - Prescott, KS


🌾 Studio 9

115 S. 9th Street - Mound City, KS


🌾 4-H Holiday Mart (Linn County Fairgrounds)

8510 KS. Highway 7 - Mound City, KS


🌾 Antique to Chique

17279 Ks. Highway 7 - Parker, KS

2023 junk on the prairie.jpg
Spring Outdoor Flea Market

Saturday, May 6 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join us for an outdoor flea market! We'll have tons of booths set up in front of the store. There will be antiques, vintage collectibles, handmade items, baked goods, and a GOOD TIME!

spring flea market.jpg
3-Year Anniversary with Outdoor Flea Market

Saturday, August 19 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Captain Cook's Treasure Chest is turning 3! Celebrate with us during one of our popular outdoor flea markets.

More details to be announced!

3 year anniversary flea market.jpg
Fall Outdoor Flea Market

Saturday, October 14 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

It's finally Fall, y'all! Join us for an outdoor flea market.

More details to be announced!

fall flea market.jpg
Holiday Open House

November 24, 25, & 26 | During Store Hours

Come to Captain Cook's for a weekend of sales, holiday decor, special drinks, and snacks.

holiday open house.jpg


cooks-etsy-aug-high (119 of 173).jpg
Pair of Emile Guillemin Silver Plated Bronze Sculptures

This is a rare find, a pair of antique silver-plated bronze sculptures by Emile Coriolan Hippolyte Guillemin, a French artist (1841-1907) in the 19th Century.

Sculptures depict uniformed cavaliers with swords and flags. The bases on both are initialed by Guillemin. One sculpture is missing a sword blade. The other is missing the tip of the flag post.

Silver is tarnished and worn thin in spots on both. We do not polish, in case the buyer prefers the natural patina. In overall, good condition for age.

One of the bases has a little jiggle if you try to move it. Uniforms and flags are highly detailed. Please let us know if you'd like any additional details about this listing.
Come find us!
903 N. Broadway St, Louisburg, KS 66053

We are currently accepting vendor applications for booth rental!

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