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Vintage Items for Sale


These are specialty items currently in stock at Captain Cook's Treasure Chest. Please contact us with any questions or desire to purchase at

Retro Advertising, Pop Culture and Travel Drinking Souvenir Glasses

20 to 40 years old - $3.00 - $10.00

These drinking glasses are anything but boring with flashy colors and characters! Something for everyone with an ever changing assortment of advertising glasses from state/travel souvenir glasses to pop culture movie and tv glasses featuring your favorite characters. Looking for a particular glass or other collectible? We keep a “wants” list at the shop and would be happy to keep an eye out for your desired collectible. 


A quick list of in stock glasses are as listed: 

Curious George, McDonald’s, Sonic, A&W, Howdy Doody, Care Bears, Norman Rockwell, Guiness, German and European Beer Glasses, and much more!

To inquire about this item, please contact us with the button below or email

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